This affects how the health of the future baby, and on being mum. How to make the menu and the future 'begin' mom optimally balanced in all respects, and at the same time not 'bust' calories? Simply enter in a completely balanced, digestible mixture, which, on the one hand, saturate the body with energy, on the other – it provides all the necessary materials, allowing you to control weight gain. Properly conducted with the inclusion of food in the diet as a supplement synthetic nutrient mixtures, a beneficial effect on Conception, fetal development, lactational function in maternal and child health, significantly reduces the number of complications during pregnancy and lactation. For example, a mixture of 'Klinutren Optimum' company Nestle. This product Flavor is refreshing nutritious meals – that is, it can be safely used in place of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because the mixture of 'Klinutren Optimum' contains essential amino acids (eg linoleic, etc.) digestible energy consuming carbohydrates (such as corn syrup and maltodextrin), micronutrients (minerals, antioxidants and vitamins), casein and whey proteins, moreover, is highly soluble in water, and importantly, helps to control the daily intake of calories.

After a mixture of 'Klinutren Optimum' fills from 1500 to 2000 kcal per day, although if you wish, you can make it thicker, or conversely, less calories. Distinctive from All other commercially available nutrient complexes for pregnant and lactating women feature "Klinutren Optimum" is the presence of taurine, beta-carotene and selenium. Taurine plays an important role in the development of the cerebral brain, eyes and immune system of the child. Beta-carotene and selenium are so-called antioxidants, that is, protect the body from the adverse effects of increased radiation and various toxic substances, which is very important in unfavorable environment. The company "Nestle" traditionally offers its customers high quality products, and it could even make a special product truly delicious. The dry mixture at diluted into a milky drink with a pleasant taste of vanilla. The mixture does not contain lactose, which is very important for women who can not tolerate milk. As a result, a couple of days you will feel increased vitality, improved mood and sleep, stop torturing headaches and other ailments. In addition, no epidemic catarrhal you will be terrible. And most importantly, you can be sure that the baby is developing perfectly normal! In short, the secret well-being in this great time – functional food, plus a balanced nutritional formula and, of course, concern for loved ones, thanks to a waiting child will be truly happy period.

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