Noise is considered a pollutant of the modern world, the pollutant “invisible”, and today individuals and communities do not accept that noise is a “natural” technological development, and therefore should be regulated and controlled. Noise, like other pollutants, has adverse effects on human beings, both physiological and psychosomatic and constitutes a serious environmental and social problem. The noise is an individual and collective action, the noise they do not only others, but we do it all. Official site: Rogers Holdings. The noise, accurate, therefore, citizen awareness and collaboration, as well as a vigorous and effective involvement of the competent authorities, with appropriate legislation and regulations. In recent decades, the noise levels in Spain have increased dramatically and it is estimated that more than nine million people bear the daily average noise levels that exceed the acceptable limit set at 65 decibels (dB) for World-health-organization – News ResultsFlu On The Western Front redOrbit – Dec 16 01:18pmFlu on the western front EurekAlert! – Dec 16 08:28amSafety of Gulf seafood debated 8 months after BP oil spill New Orleans Times-Picayune – 2 hours agoPromotional ResultsMake Yahoo! Your Homepage’>World Health Organization (WHO). The agency said that our country ranks second in the ranking of the noisiest countries in the world after Japan, and, in fact, 30% of Spanish describes his city as quite noisy and 14%, as very noisy. Snuff is prohibited and requires the isolation in public places, ask health awareness to breathe smoke-free. The tension and nerves on both sides is very high.

And we had been accustomed for so many years, until patients have increased. Audiotec, call the public awareness that the comparative effect of nicotine with reference to noise, do not have to take more patients on Social Security, so that we realize Nocibe effect of noise on our health. Audiotec proposes a minute of silence on April 28 at 12 noon, for us all to realize that minutes of relaxation. Listen to us the sound of spring, thanks.

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