Oblivion on mattresses usually don’t remember what sounded on a night to sleep on our mattresses, but in the rest of the night, we dream several times, science indicates that waking up at the right time (stage REM sleep), it is possible to remember the dream. The fact of not remembering the dream can reside on a disease of sleep or that there is a process of self-censorship that does not allow that they froze the dreams to conscious (Freud). Freedom of Association through psychoanalysis discovers that sleep contains a set of representations, of memories, of interrelated experiences. Desire is articulated in the dream and manifests itself through dialogue but in an own, symbolic language, is in the process of describing dream where these meanings are really verified, there are some psychoanalytic dictionaries, but the interpretation of a dream key lies in knowing deeply the person and engage in a conversation about the dream. We could say that mattresses are responsible for so much of our forgetfulness as our os. In turn, that the interpretation of the dreams and memories of these is not minor thing, its interpretation may be an interesting experience that can help in our well-being. AbsoluteBeds.com sale online cheap mattresses in all Spain. Source: Press release sent by colchonexpert.

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