Buyers should be attracted to your products or services like a magnet. To have them again and again the desire to make purchases from you. And here comes into force on psychology of human behavior. If you do not take into account, relying only on the 'cool' processing methods, you are expected failure. Moreover, in most cases, one of common sense. Statistics say that the person interested in purchasing any product, makes a purchase, on average, after seven contacts with the seller.

C first time purchases are made only about 2.5% of the people. In this case, in 95% of purchases are made at an emotional level, and only then the user finds the logical arguments to justify the purchase. We usually see on the pages Internet shopping lists of products with their technical characteristics (power, weight, size) plus a small photo. Tens and hundreds of televisions, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, computers – all similar to each other. Also we must not forget that 80% of the purchase decision (even a car) take the women. And while store owners often offer them a long list of specifications, in which not every engineer will understand. Remember how do you make a purchase, especially 'serious'. Eyeing, ask advice from friends, interested in the opinion of experts? That store owner, the more 'e' should provide an opportunity to look at it commodity.

It must become a buyer's friend and expert, able to give useful advice, should explain the differences among products from others, what are the advantages of each. And it should be done at the first 'meeting' with the buyer that he wanted to return to the site again. The second opportunity 'hook' that the buyer can not introduce myself. Now once again talking about personalization, development of relationships with customers and establish a their long-term relationships. Back in vogue approach to advertising, proposed in the last century by such masters as Hopkins, Ogilvy and others. It seems to replace the e-marketing and e-commerce marketing will come 'with human face '. And for the electronic systems will be only the role of carrier and preserver of information. – success in e-commerce

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