Even in large cities and the state capital, you will not find a particularly sophisticated gifts. Therefore, we do rely on local flavor and originality. Unofficial motto of the State says: "We're doing just great things made from corn! "And indeed it is. Enough already that it is from this culture in Iowa produce alternative fuels! So what about other commodities, edible and not only, and not speak. And choosing gifts Use this feature as the state! Your best friend surely joy in a bottle or two of corn whiskey.

You can select more than one full-length bottles in a gift box and can take some trial sets. They represent a box with transparent lid, in which the rows lined up drinks from corn feedstock. Your friend probably will like this set for tasting. Savor the best drinks in the company, so you should not be limited to one set. Iowans are proud of their abundance of corn, and even a few small businesses of this state must produce a number of products that reflect the main wealth of the region.

You can buy a pen in the form of corncobs, dishes made of specially treated corn fiber and pressed. Such dishes have to taste the older generation of your family. Especially good for gift glass glass-cob, stylized leaves form a small knob. And if you buy many different ryumochek and mugs, they can give to colleagues at various festivals. Head human too, so buy him a bottle of corn whiskey.

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