Today may go abroad each. The problem lies in getting the passport. He issued District Local Police Department. It is necessary to design 250 rubles. If you do through a travel agency, it will be 10-15 times more expensive but faster. The thing is that travel agencies are sharing with OVIR profit and those more willing to make out the passport. While there is clearance for travel agents, formed huge queues of people wanting to save money.

Anyone who has visited the Local Police Department, the next time will think to go there or not. Take any OVIR St. Petersburg. It's basically some small two-storey building, located in thoroughfare of St. Petersburg. Signs and labels, how to find it completely lacking. Reception documents produced three times a week, but the most inconvenient time for working people – during business hours. And above all you should have held of all, get an appointment with the lecturer.

You need to get up at six in the morning and come running to take place not at the very end. A large number of people crowding into a small hallway near the sample applications people sit on each other. Veterans of war and blockade, which rules are right here on the extraordinary service, ordinary people are very hostile. Tense and tired of people constantly scandal. Even if a person managed to get to the coveted office, it may be the next problem: a wrong profile completed, the photo is not of the sample, the print is not enough. The nightmare of some sort. Getting the treasured document is delayed for a month. Well, if you only have a temporary registration, no less than six months. And if the person needs to get over border is not at rest, and for: the children who is working abroad, someone's husband arrived foreigner, because the invitation is also being done through the Visa Office. So better think a hundred times to save on registration of passports or better overpay and save time and not spend my nerves. If the Visa Office to work normally, people would not have applied to the travel agencies for new passports and do not overpay for a typical bureaucratic service.

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