It is very important that your site had a button Translate (for your overseas visitors) and script updates the date. This is necessary to Visitors can see your site – updated every 2-5 days! On the pros and cons of different engines can talk a lot. Perhaps this will be the subject of my article in the future. We’ll see. 3) The third way: Buy one training courses on building professional sites.

By the way, my first mini-site “package reseller” on my site are made under the strict guidance of Nikita Korolev. Of course, completely dispense with programming languages unrealistic, but in these training courses, the authors give only the knowledge without which Site building can not, without reservations or climbing in the jungle. 4). The fourth way: Buy a site for money. Here everything is at your discretion. Next – Your site must be placed on a free or paid hosting. Initially, I recommend placing the site on a free hosting (, uCoz, etc.).

Common misconception that the domain type (2 or Level 3) affects the position of the site in search engines and rankings. This is totally untrue. Type in Yandex request “Free money” and the result is pleasantly surprise you. Paid hosting has several advantages: the domain level 1 says about you as a serious online businessman (greater consumer confidence and referrals), allows you to use your domain to accommodate not only the simple one-page websites, websites, business cards, but to build a mega-sites, portals, using different engines, etc., it is possible to have the original e-mail box, for example, my looks like:. Next step: promotion and optimization of your site. Again this can be entrusted to professionals for the money. Can be very become SEO-Optimizer, buying training courses. Do not forget about contextual advertising in Yandex, of Google or Rambler. I bought a training course by Alexei Sergienya “Kibersant-Partner”, reviewed it and started your online business is with promoting affiliate programs on the contextual advertising in Yandex. More detail in later articles. Next: Create a page about affiliate programs. Add your original great content on the affiliate programs showing vyshey referral links (links to the registration of affiliate programs). Create and regularly updated news on your site. Wherever possible, but at least at each post, advertise your site. At the same time, as they say, my limited experience on a set of referrals by the creation of the site ends. In the next post we will touch upon this method of search referrals to create their own mailing lists.

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