Our thoughts are responsible to lead us on the road toward victory or failure, depending on which is our way of thinking. I want to help you establish a simple and at the same time effective way to keep your positive thoughts. Eliminate negative conversations. 80% Of people that surround us are negative people, and will have to be disciplined, on the other hand we have to deal with our own negative thoughts, because with them we have lived life. There are emotions repressed anger, resentment, anxiety, caused by negative thoughts. We found 2 types of negative communication: internal and external.

The internal is, what we say to ourselves I can’t, don’t want to, I don’t have, and the outer is that we share with other people. That we can do to counteract these bad habits? (a) each that you’re saying something negative, like; do I can’t, stop and challenge yourself and ask yourself, why can not I? There are so many people with more disadvantaged than I am, and have succeeded. (b) when you are talking about negative with others, stop, and say, it is a good opportunity to start converting them my conversations into positive feeds your positive language. We can acquire a rich language full of positive thoughts, ideas that populate our mind, most were acquired from previous teachings, this means that we absorbed by the word rather than by observation, although there is a combination of them. For this pattern of teachings is necessary: a) make an inventory of all adjective appointed devalued me as a person, b) convert the whole list in positive as: Smart fool, pretty ugly and so on.

Refuse to accept what others have said in a negative way to forget the past. You can not live tied to the memories, and more if they were negative. Every day is new and bring with them new hopes of those who have take advantage of to undertake something different no matter the risks. It takes these important steps for your help. (a) if the negative memories hurt you, no sense continue to pay attention. b) to change the list of the negative to the positive, burn it, bury it, destroy it, and display it on the positive list. (c) reads, and always repeating it out loud what now are: good, smart, capable, view with images. The dreams and desires of succeeding is inherent in every person, why the best technique to achieve this, it is filled with positive thoughts and see what you crave with mental images, this is the way to accelerate the procedure to get it. Although problems will always be present, but after practicing the techniques every day, life’s challenges will be more easy to solve them. Comments are of great importance for the preparation of this material.

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