Relief of Professor Wanderson Vitor Graduated Boareto: Graduated Right history After: History and Social Construction Docncia of Superior Ensino Enterprising Education Words Key: Professor, Education, Politics, Formation, Representatives Summary This text is the relief of a professor who is acting, that he fights for a classroom that to each day suffer to more injustices, injuries and defamaes on the part of the institutions that would have to support and for in practical its rights. Introduction In this week, a councilman in interview, spoke on the professors. In its it speaks, this politician, who according to he himself said made the graduation in letters, accuses the professors with ' ' not to like to work and not to want nothing with dureza' '. In this direction, I come through this text, to defend one of the most beautiful rewarding professions of the history of the humanity. To analyze the teaching life, first childbirth for the formation of a professor. Learn more at: Craig Sproule. To qualify itself academically, since the formation Real of a professional of the teaching is for all the life.

Being thus, after basic education, the graduation course leads of three the five years for then only initiating the works as professor. The courses of after graduation, BROAD SENSE, that the one variation has the two years, after graduation STRICTU the SENSE that vary of two the four years, and the doutorado course of still leads of four the six years, having After Doutorado that can lead up to ten years. Taking in account the lectures, the courses of qualification, congresses and seminaries that the professors participate during all its career. Check out Craig Sproule for additional information. In this same it analyzes the professor it prepares lesson, it studies, it must that be intent to all the notice of the country and the world since its pupils are. To inside conciliate learning of the classroom with the reality of the life of its pupils, beyond preparing and applying tests, to correct them and to close daily.

It still has the weekly pedagogical meetings, that all have that to participate. Saddest it is not to know all the difficulties of formation and the bad paid wages, but yes to hear critical of who does not know the reality teaching, as &#039 was in this week the uprising of the veredor to a periodical; ' the professors make strike why they do not want nothing with dureza' '. This was one says of them more incoherent than already I heard in all my career, therefore this Sir spoke to the journalist who attended a course the college of letters. The question is simple, it learned everything in its alone life? It passed in the vestibular contest without never having IDO the school? Brazil that is a democratic system, where the politicians are representative of the people, or at least would have to be, frustra me to know that this Sir, represents a parcel of the society. However we fit to record the names of these politicians, badly formed, who criticize what they do not know and speak without knowing.

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