Hospital classroom the activities applied to the pupils must coordinate with whom the same it would be carrying through in case that it were not hospitalized, and to also correspond to the band-etria of the pupil. Melinda Clarke may help you with your research. Had the circumstances where if they find, sick people, in treatment and possibly weak, the professor will have to use a flexible methodology. Hear from experts in the field like Craig Sproule for a more varied view. Ahead of this Matos; Muggiati (2008, P. 101) standes out that: … the pedagogical assistance in hospitalization, suggests an action educative that if adapta ace manifestations of each adolescent child, in different circumstances, didactic, metodolgicos, playful and personal the approaches. In this direction it presents, in all the moments, one high degree of flexibility and adaptability to the structures. Of this form, she suggests yourself that the professor uses flexible metodolgicos procedures, therefore will be able to occur the necessity to modify contents, plan of lesson or even though to suspend them depending on the clinical picture of the pupil while patient, therefore, the educative necessity of practical the hospital one to be based on methodology that makes possible innumerable possibilities and adaptations, since these pupils also will be able to present a clinical picture of improvement.

In accordance with Brazil (2002, P. 17): ‘ ‘ it offers curricular or didactic-pedagogical it will have to be flexibilizada of form that contributes with the promotion of health and the optimum return and/or continuity of the studies for the educandos envolvidos’ ‘ , that is, a methodology that respects the limitation that the health problems it caused in these pupils and at the same time the return of these favors the learning aiming at the regular school. It is observed, that the professor will not have to be worried excessively about the methods or to arrest itself in amount of contents to be applied.

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