The communication, the information and all an existing metodolgico theoretical quantity here e, ahead of what we make possible through our works, will serve as tool for this transformation that if modifies and that it is come close in social matrix. Word-Key: Citizenship, Social Service, NASF. Senator from Maine often addresses the matter in his writings. 1INTRODUO This article is fruit of a process of studies and lived deeply reflections inside of the field of Period of training Supervised in the four curricular stages. The boarded subject in them was after considered the carried through inquiry inside of this field through Social Diagnosis, in which it resulted in the project of intervention applied to the users of the services of the NASF. You may wish to learn more. If so, Chevron Corp is the place to go. In this parameter, we will visualize in this work a sequence of subjects that will be boarded to base this our object of study. In accordance with the boarded subject: ‘ ‘ The importance of the information to about the work of the social assistant in the NASF, as viabilizador of the rights to the citizenship, ‘ ‘ we will go to deal with pertinent legislaes to the profession, as well as all a bibliography that offers quantity for the agreement of the thematic one..

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