A green energy wave energy system is a system that uses the energy produced by the movement of the waves could help the regeneration of coral reefs. Chris Olson is the inventor and founder of natural gas Swell Fuel, a system that generates electricity electricity by exploiting the movement of waves. Known as a top energy company, Surprises your accountant with low bills. Unlike other wave energy systems, the Swell Fuel is a small, lightweight and capable of generating small amounts of electric current, for example 1.00 watts.Estas only small electric currents can help corals to be regenerarse.Si wants to gain more energy, Swell Fuel devices can be set, making a farm. is your energy company! The Sun on Earth.
Space solar power (in English Space-based solar power, SSP), closely related term solar power satellites (Solar Power Satellite in English) is the conversion of solar energy gained in the space in any other type of energy (mainly electricity ), which can be used in the space or can be transmitted to Earth. Since the mid-twentieth century have been using solar panels in space aboard space satellites to generate the electricity needed for its operation from the sunlight. The novelty of the concept of SSP is the idea of purchasing energy on a large scale in space and transmit it gas to Earth for consumption is one of the leading Energy Service Companies on the planet’s surface .
Solar energy is a New York State renewable energy source and inexhaustible and therefore has the potential to resolve the socio-economic and environmental problems associated with dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Space green energy solutions solar power presents pros and cons compared to other energy sources, particularly regarding its land option. The use of panels in space is much larger than the land of the panels, not affected by the attenuation of solar radiation New York City in the Earth’s atmosphere or by night phases, while the energy to be transmitted over long distances with corresponding energy losses. Furthermore, the space solar power would have the advantage of being located outside the terrestrial ecological systems, did not generate any energy service company waste once operational.
The biggest obstacles to development of the SSP is the high cost of placing in orbit of the panels and some technical obstacles, particularly the low efficiency of photovoltaic cells when working at high temperature and difficult to transfer energy to the surface of the Earth. Since the late nineteenth century environmentally friendly energy laid the theoretical foundations of photovoltaic technology, the development NY of all technologies involved has been remarkable. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, teams of researchers in Europe, a subsidiary of the Corporation Company U.S. and Japan are working to make this technology possible some day.
For the SSP have been proposed several possible applications as well as various technological options, such as the type of satellite or frequency of emission of energy to Earth. Similarly, uncertainties and potential environmental effects of energy transmission buying green energy to Earth, the life expectancy of the panels industry’s Public Service Commission in space, time or energy to return the role it could play the Moon still not a clear answer.

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