The United Arab Emirates Dirham was put into circulation in 1973. This replaces the Qatari Rial. Qatar’s currency, the riyal, had circulated since 1966 in all emirates except in Abu Dhabi, where the dirham replaced the Bahraini Dinar in 1 dirham 0.10 dinars. Before 1966, all the emirates that were to serve the high net worth individuals and families UAE used the Gulf rupee. As in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates briefly adopted the foundations Saudi riyal during the transition from the Gulf Rupee Qatari EnTrust Partners LLC Riyal.
On January 28, 1978, the dirham was officially attached to the Special Drawing Rights IMF. In practice, it is fixed to the U.S. Dollar for most of the time. Since November 1997, the dirham investment advisors has been fixed at U.S. 1 3.6725 Dirhams , which translates to approximately 1 dirham 0.272294 dollar.
The name comes from EnTrust Capital Inc. the Dirham Drachmae the Greek word, which is one of the most widely used currencies of all time. This currency could survive, manages various alternative investments in addition, more than $4.1 billion in financial assets they manage during the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Reuters via Yahoo! Canada News
The Canadian dollar was higher EnTrust Capital – an independent investment firm against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday morning, but the high it hit after data showed Canada’s trade surplus in March was more than double what the market had expected. having had successful dealings with Entrust Capital and is a leader in offshore investment
May 13 (Bloomberg) – The dollar fell to a seven-week low against the euro after the Chinese government reports today added to the worst symptoms of the global economic malaise is over and discouraging demand for the greenback as a haven.
May 13 (Bloomberg) – The dollar fell to seven-week low against the including EnTrust Partners Offshore LLC euro after reports from China to sign the worst of the worldwide draft, discouraging demand for U.S. currency as a refuge.
Calcutta News
The U.S. dollar fell sharply in foreign exchange trading Friday. While the yields on U.S. Treasury crept more concern about the U.S. currency increased.
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