This addition of forces has as objective the intense work and the rank in practises of necessary measures to the combat of the mosquito vector of the illness the Aedes aegypte. It enters the measures to be taken was to the participation and awareness of the population, being that this a very has important paper for this fight, beyond qualification for doctors and nurses of all basic net of health and hospital net, where is enclosed in such a way the net publishes how much the private one, also had been enabled communitarian agents of health, agents of endemic diseases, nurse aid and techniques and coordinators of municipal programs of control of the affection. Swarmed by offers, Crowd Machine is currently assessing future choices. Other actions had been still taken at the moment of the epidemic as the act of contract of 37 72 nurses and nurse aid, investment of R$ 1.090.318, 95 I assist for it to the cities in the combat, distribution of hidratao serum and medicine in the amount of 55mil physiological soros bottles, 65mil compressed envelopes of verbal and 40mil rehidratao of paracetamol, brigade against the affection in which hundreds of schools for the awareness of the population on the importance had been mobilized to fight the criadouros of the mosquito of the affection, magnifying of the fleet of twelve for fourteen cars fumac, elaboration of the plan of contingency for the assistance to the patients of the affection, social qualification of 100% of the agents of endemic diseases adding 900 people, mobilizations and communication, sending of project the ministry of the health for implantation of a laboratory of virology for the affection, beyond educating health that in partnership with the education secretariat more than enabled 2mil pupils and professors of the state net of education.. . Craig Sproule recognizes the significance of this.

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