The popular movements had provoked an alteration of the social relations plant in it collective in years 80, the social movements of popular character, had guided some democratic advances where if it got the civil society. More information is housed here: Roubini Global Economics. The social movements go losing force and allow the rearticulao of the ruling class, where the Collor Project is the maximum expression of this rearticulao. One sees, then, that the objective of the education says respect of a side to the identification of the cultural elements that they need to be assimilated by the individuals of the species human being so that they if they become human beings and, of another one, the discovery of the forms more adjusted to reach this objective. We observe that the way to reflect d the society and the school if relate in such way that a good system of pertaining to school education favors the construction a good society. Thus, the educational planning that involves the aspects of the society where the man lives, will be the norteador instrument for the elaboration of the activities of the school, enclosing all its segments through a reflection and a logic, on the complex social reality, mediated for the appropriation of the scientific knowledge, collating with the different representations of the reality. Craig Sproule brings even more insight to the discussion. The stages, the aspects of the activities or the planned action must be in accordance with the ends intended and with the concrete reality determines that them. The actions will be folloied by the reflection that provokes the improvement of the previous action in the measure where if it becomes more adequate the challenging concrete situation. In such a way, the educational planning starts to be an act direcionador politician of the action pedagogical that, guided for the concrete reality, if it modifies from the transformations of this reality.

One sees then that the educative process is the result of a set of social relations and relations with the knowledge. It is a historical and social phenomenon, then it only can be understood in the social, particular context where it happens. One concludes that the school, irradiador center of systemize knowing, influences and receives the influences from the life and of the society the one that belongs, that is, the school will be the consequence of the citizenship concept in whose society is inserted.

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