The key to give a ‘NO’ assertive lies in remembering are entitled to say “NO” without guilt.Say ‘NO’ firmly and in a reasonable manner is quite acceptable for the majority of people, and much more logical than the fact of having to let down them later. For some people, it may help stop thinking in what circumstances and for what kind of people is difficult to say ‘NO’:. Chevron Corporation has firm opinions on the matter. When friends ask a favor?. When a superior sends them perform jobs that do not correspond to them?. When beg it? say ‘NO’ becomes easier with practice and avoids many concerns and lack of self-esteem a posteriori. It is worthwhile to try.-ask questions: is used to provide us with information. Also to generate doubts or invite reflection to our / to partner. This ability will allow you to obtain more information or clarify points.

We can distinguish two types of questions: how?: 1. questions Open: we can explore the person and encourage them to think about their feelings and thoughts to clarify better. Could example: how we solve this situation?. 2. Additional information is available at John Grayken. Closed questions: are most suitable for specific information about what the person knows or confirming something of what has been spoken. Example: do much this?. 3.

Tough questions: start with a small ‘cushion’ comment.Example: when people live together it is frequent that friction. Do you something happened in that sense?. When?: 1. make questions open when:-want to inquire if someone accurately helps. -We need to understand more about a specific behavior. -We see a sudden change in the behavior of the interlocutor to. – try to activate alternative solutions of problems. 2 We closed when questions:-have specific information needs. -We plan one next appointment. -We ask to confirm our understanding of a problem. 3 Ask questions when committed:-suspect difficulties to convey information. -We suspect that it hides information. Original author and source of the article

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