Make your proposal, give them a sample of your product or service and relieve their views. Test your idea! 4. Where? The space to work. If possible, use a room completely available to install your Office. Find a space that allows you to separate your work activity of the family. You won’t want to be invaded but you will not like the other members of the family that you invade them with your company.

Give your enterprise the place that it deserves! An alternative to space: condition a corner or part of a room, always allow you to maintain your privacy during the day of work. The key to choosing space: intimacy to concentrate to produce. Respect your space! 5. Where? The meeting with customers. If you receive clients at home, consider having a room appropriate for this purpose: a separate space, in the converse with your customer, do a demonstration of your products or services, without being interrupted. Ideally: a room which is accessed directly without going through the rest of the quarterfinals. An alternative: there are associations (perhaps any to which you belong by their profession) meeting rooms that offer to their members. Another alternative: meet at the client’s Office, which will prove very convenient for him / her in the majority of cases.

Evaluate the best choice for the situation! 6. What do I need? The equipment to work. A computer with Internet connection is the great ally to the entrepreneur from home. From your PC you can save the information of your company, design documents and presentations needed, manage the database of customers, communicate with them via email, promote your business, stay updated, etc. A printer, a copier are useful team. Regarding telephone communications, it is recommended to have a separate of the particular line and an answering machine. An alternative: If you have a single telephone line, use a mobile phone in which the customer can always find it.

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