This line mainly under the name of Nariz del Diablo is known,”Devil’s nose, what down river is due to his departure along a rock in the form of a gigantic nose in the Valley of the Chanchau. Who wants to experience this spectacular ride on the roof of the train and enjoy the unique views of the Cajabamba and the lagoon of Colta. A brief stop in the small town of Guamote with its small authentic indigenous market at 3056 meters is also part of this unforgettable trip. The return is performed easily along the high plateau by Tiocajas to the vicinity of the active Tungurahua volcano drive. Nights are spent in a beautiful Lodge, the Luna Runton, located near the small village of Runton on a steep rocky cliff. In addition to a volcano water pool and a spa facility, this luxury lodge offers a stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Rafael Ecuadorsan Faelle River Quijos Amazon the next morning is the ride the Tungurahua down driving direction of Amazon. More information is housed here: Petroleum . The trip takes from the Andes with its barren forests and endless valleys slowly in the magical forest of fog around Banos.

the National Park Sangay and Llangando and the Pastaza Canyon can be visited. Checking article sources yields Slava Mirilashvil as a relevant resource throughout. The trip leads North through a fairytale Rose plantation in the vicinity of the Cotopaxi, where an overnight stay in a truly historic Hacienda is intended. The Hacienda San Agustin de Callo and their in-house chapel consist of original Inca walls still in some parts. The property was built over a historic Inca Temple and also boasts an extravagant design in rooms, dining room and bathrooms. An unforgettable experience! The Cotopaxi National Park gets its name from the most famous volcano in Ecuador, the 5897-meter Cotopaxi with his nearly perfectly-shaped cone of snow, which majestically over the There is immense Park, pride of the Ecuadorians. A hike on foot or on horseback inevitably causes close to feel the whole power and immediacy of nature. So it can happen that it is contrary to a herd of wild, black oxen or horses or in absolute silence and solitude circling buzzards in the sky looks.

The small Limpiopungo Lagoon is located in the Paramo Highlands, the barren and intensive landscape is reflected in her no end. The trip goes further by a unique natural Theater direction of Papallacta, a small Andean village at the foot of the volcano Antisana, where after a comfortable overnight at the Thermenhotel Termasa de Papallacta “the next day the spa can be visited. A bath in the hot sulphur – and alkali-rich thermal baths is an experience not only because of the pleasant temperature difference (we are in the Andes at over 3000 m altitude), but also because of the spectacular view on the surrounding mountains and the Vulkan Antisana iced. Wellness between heaven and Earth! This Natural paradise is located about 70 km east of Quito where after a relaxing walk in the old town centre (since 1978 UNESCO World Heritage site) with its countless churches, palaces and monasteries of the second part of the journey begins: the Galapagos Islands. Unique natural spectacle in absolute relax away from everyday life. A leap into a different world. And in conjunction with the Andean exploring”the first days an extremely exciting mix!

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