From the referenciais developed collectively, with the participant citizens, the contributions of the authors are synthecized who had more fascinated them they had stimulated and them during diverse of research and the literal production. The words of FARM (1993) clarify the complex term? interdisciplinaridade? as the exchange between the specialists and the integration you discipline of them in one same project of research in a regimen of joint ownership, of interaction, that will go will make possible the dialogue between the interested parties. The interdisciplinaridade depends, then, basically, of an attitude change before the problem of the knowledge, of the substitution of a fragmentary conception for the unitria of the human being. So that the process to interdisciplinar either dinamizado is necessary that it derives from a politician-pedagogical project conceived and executed collectively from partnerships, integration and totality. That is, the good relationship between the professionals, conviviality with the divergences, contradictions and conflicts, adoption of collective values in a process of participativo planning for the taking of decisions and definition of general lines of direction of the School through the dialogue. The totality joins partnership and integration in the joint between ' ' symbolic universes especficos' ' to promote a process of unicity you discipline in them and the great areas, therefore it works ' ' parts of todo' '. Although, each disciplines tries to isolate itself, only can be understood in the context where she is inserted. As it detaches Gusdorf (1984), ' ' the central characteristic of the interdisciplinaridade consists of the fact of that it incorporates the results of several disciplines, taking of loan conceptual projects to them of analysis end to make to integrate them, after them having comparative and julgado.' ' To complement the interferentes topics in the boarded questions, ASSMANN is cited (2000) that salient: ' ' the education will have a determinative paper in the creation of necessary social sensitivity for reorientation of humanidade' ' ; these words interlace it the reflection of VALRY (1999): to think is to create through ' ' superabundance of expressions, favour and fancy that distinguish the poetry, in opposition to the conscientious intellectual effort, the presence of the objetividade and at the rate of pensamento' '.

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