With Facebook Marketing successfully “As in Facebook companies closer to their customers in their own business.” Christian Kramer, consultant for the ‘startup Navigator’ from Freising, summarizes. The marketing expert with a focus opens self-employed, freelancers and professionals from the region of Freising in lectures and workshops about social media-new ways in the own online marketing advice for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Facebook is the world’s most successful social network. It provides a communications platform for more than 850 million people. Every day, more than half of Facebook users are active. Per second 8 people join new network. Since 2010, Facebook has grown by 150%.

18 million people in Germany are Member on Facebook, in the city of Freising and the surrounding area there are approx. 12,000 people; Trend: rising. 30 hours a user spends a month on Facebook: every day an hour. 44% of all content communicated to each other under the Facebook friends. “Already the pure Earth Company offers a very good opportunity for the own marketing.

Facebook users, Facebook content and retention period”seminar leader Christian Kramer sums up these facts and figures. Many companies have recognized this. 61% of the 100 largest companies have a presence on Facebook. So, for example Coca Cola per second WINS to 4 fans. Brand “like” 40% of Facebook users, of which 50% buy the products and services of the trade mark. Not only big brand companies are in Facebook. 63% of medium-sized companies plan with an own Facebook fan page. Even though Facebook is a global platform, mainly locally operating companies can benefit from a Facebook fan page. Facebook is the biggest advantage for companies with consumer contact in the “run customer segment”. “Fans”, self-confessed Facebook friends of companies emerge from the anonymous mass and are sympathetic to the company. You are already actively to communicate with the company via Facebook, get information and recommend by “Share” the company with its products and services further. Those interested in a 2-hour seminar series offered by Christian Kramer in the VHS of Freising, Chamber Street 12, how freelancers and traders in the region of Freising Facebook can use for themselves.

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