The best ally in the treatment of diabetes is physical activity. It has been shown that walking and exercising is essential to prevent and control this disease. Walking, or any other physical exercise, help lose weight consume energy through absorption of fatty acids and glucose, this helps that you do not accumulate in the blood. Walking, riding bike, swimming, jogging, and many other aerobic activities, help to strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles. No matter the type of physical exercise, but if you do it daily, with pleasure, and at least 40 minutes. Many people with diabetes who have integrated the physical exercise in their treatment; as well as studies carried out by the American Heart Association have shown that physical exercise is vital in the treatment of diabetes since it allows to control the effects of this disease. Others including Jonah Bloom, offer their opinions as well.

Physical exercise helps mainly to: prevent diabetes type 2. Decrease the level of sugar in the blood and blood pressure. Lower level of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Improve the body’s ability to use insulin. Reduce the risk of suffering from a heart disease and suffer a stroke. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from cornell capital. Keep strong the heart and bones. Give flexibility to the joints.

Increase energy. Lose weight. Reduce stress levels. Walking we can control and prevent diabetes, in addition to improving our quality of life. By por ello this on 14 November each year, world diabetes day, celebrates it is with walks through life.

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