So distributed funds, smaller companies can at best be a job engine in Florida. German baked goods and growth in the United States Thorsten Stein and his wife Katherine could be such a small job engine with their small business “Cakes bakes & more”. The two arrived with her children in 2004 from Germany Cape Coral Florida. Because it had already owned a bakery in Germany, it seemed to them to concentrate on the sale of baked goods in the United States. With two pink trucks the couple currently drives to farmers markets in Fort Myers and Punta Gorda, to sell its products.

Business is good and plans for the future are plentiful. Recently merged the small businesses of the couple with the bakery trade of a second pair, which operates a German bakery in Lehigh Acres. Thorsten and Katherine stone plan over also, the fusion soon in a trailer of their trucks and German cold cuts to sell. Yet the pair apart from the merger with the second bakery business alone in the company working. If all goes well, first to employees with but at the end of the year. Job engines work. “Financing is a major issue many of our customers establish successful small and medium-sized companies in the United States”, says Max Karagoz. The bakery of the stone heard many others from industries such as automotive trade, new media, or mechanical engineering to the customers of his company ALTON LLC, for this.

ALTON LLC is sitting in Miami. It helps there for aspiring entrepreneurs from Germany or other German-speaking countries for many years establishing their business in the United States. But Max Karagoz and his people are there even after the actual start-up phase for their customers if necessary. You advise when making important decisions or help even very specific, such as seeking suitable commercial property or to appropriate employees. Financing is one not only in the start-up phase “Company a priority”, says Max Karagoz. Also when it comes to growth in existing companies, the question must resolve that where the required money comes from.” Government credit programs can provide here sometimes good answers.

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