Of course, this is something, but then again, I was interested in something quite different … I then ask clarifying questions about the use of CodeIgniter'a because I love this framework. Vitaly chuckled, and said that "KeEmEs OK "he does not use, so he loves to write all the code itself, rather than using someone else … No, but I can understand when people do not use ready-made cms, and write their own … but in the first place: not for general corporate sites, and engaged in what studio, for a waste of time, and secondly, Vitaly, blah, well, someone who told you that CodeIgniter is a cms!? It is this cry just pulled out of my chest, but I suppressed it and changed the subject by asking about jquery. I was in for a pleasant surprise, Vitali knows what jquery, but I'm sure that javascript has a sufficient level that would "not use other people, raw, unreliable libraries." In general, during the conversation, I learned that such a position as a "project manager" they do not, because "He told us not need ", and Vitali, but the programmer serves as a coder, a system administrator, administrator, and even web-server.

Last I particularly interested in, it turned out that Mega Vitali successfully administered Virtual Hosting by Masterhost, at a rate of "Professional". Conclusion I do not want to say that Vitali bad programmer, as he had not worked, and after three months of its existence, the studio made the five sites and those sites do it. Let them crookedly laid out, even if they are full of sql injection, even now, Vitali does not understand that he is not a real programmer, and like it very much. Not only to learn a programming language, not only do a couple of sites that need more and to improve, to constantly increase their knowledge, read books and articles, communicate with other programmers, do not look at them rivals or competitors, you need to learn from others, and in our profession, there is always something to learn, probably why we love her so. PS While writing an article, a call from the studio, and was told that I can start working when I'm comfortable … probably vote Vitali was not decisive. I referred to other proposals, and took a couple of days … think. And to think there is something. Will I be comfortable working with such a man, if we can get along in the same office, and, finally, that to me than the money or nerves?

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