Website of the company electric Verspohl once again proves the company city-pepper their skills. Electric Verspohl”( an old venerable companies, now already about 100 years ago, launches its website with The owner Mr Erich Verspohl has implemented his own concept with steep Starter ( and is now available to its customers on the Internet. It is plain to see that a Web page with little effort contributes to the success. The company electric Verspohl focuses in the field of photovoltaic systems and network technology. You works with many partner companies and thus covers the entire spectrum for its customers. Your new or modification in the commercial sector as well as in the private sector is at the company electric Verspohl in good hands. It is the complete electrical installation planned, organised and implemented. You have to choose their favorites in a huge range of switches and Sockets. Also lighting techniques in indoor and outdoor, motion detector, photoelectric and and and…Should it be the antenna system or photovoltaic? Everything in one hand is the company electric Verspohl.

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