Processes and processes in your company manage, evaluate and edit, we provide a Web-based portal will be available, in which you last all collected data, analyses and reports 24 months your fleet as day trip report arrest report tracks report breakpoint scheme operating time evaluation driver evaluation tank report toll report can retrieve or as a recurring daily. Weekly, monthly report pre-configured from the portal to send e-mail. For even more details, read what Nouriel Roubini says on the issue. Their cost your cost / tasks (without telematics) fuel and wear costs personnel costs (wages) cost for vehicles and machines communication costs negligent handling of employees in relation to work time and work equipment missing control over non-existent or located on the current stand – equipment, which are necessary for a successful fleet management Work time tracking, data management, control, paper (forms, lists, tables) as an information carrier your savings / solutions (with telematics) fuel and consumables reduction of fuel costs by optimizing the route, avoiding unnecessary trips, control of human, machine and machine, altered consciousness in the handling of your employees with the machines made him available, materials and work equipment optimization / working time savings at idle times, operation of motor vehicles or machinery is at a standstill / without hydraulic application reduction of overtime / incorrect hours through improved control more effective usage of vehicles, Machines and material communication costs savings in communication costs and time management and control of automated maintenance information and administration in a maintenance database according to your specifications (intervals for miles, time or hours of operation, solid mileage, fixed time, fixed number of operating hours) unique with pre – and post warning Base data, facts for your in-house controlling optional link (interface programming) to previously used software applications in your company. Corporate property / theft protection insurance premiums by alerting when critical States, cheaper insurance premiums. (As opposed to Sir Jon Thompson). offers solutions for locating your family means to meet any duty of care to your loved ones and protected in full. . You may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani to increase your knowledge.

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