At some point in our lives we have faced with anguish, we opened the door so it inroads in our behavior and if we have neglected, their effects have made feel, often affecting us physically and mental. Each of us will have already determined the why the angst has surfaced, what has been the reason for its appearance, how she has appeared, comportado, as well as what has led us, as well, what she learned to avoid to become manifest and origine us situations that we have not been pleasant, unfavorable results. He has written in this regard, than in the West, for example, the meaning of life seeks to impose on the void of existence, it’s delete, destroy, but vacuum does not can be destroyed because it is inherent to the existence and life itself. Check with Rick Gerson to learn more. The emptiness, nothingness, is an experience that is source and origin of the deepest anguish that this is mitigate with chemicals. Western man can not coexist with angst because not the It is considered an essential and necessary part of existence, but as a threat that must be eliminated, and does not know that leaving only be angst this naturally dissipates. Take into account, that anxiety is not the end of the world. It is uncomfortable, even very uncomfortable, but it is not terrible unless we so define it. If we define anxiety as a terrible feeling we’ll be turning another vicious circle.

So, to begin with, when you feel anxious, prove to himself that anxiety is bad, inconvenient, uncomfortable but is not dangerous or is the end of the world. Anguish stems from the ego as a result of watching failed their desires. But it’s really the anguish?, thereon he gives us, that angst is the feeling that we experience when no reason we care in excess by the possibility that in the future something dreaded happens to us over which we have no control and that, in the event that it should happen we would consider terrible or would we consider us people totally useless. .

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