Without any explanation already you know it as I’ve known him I don’t ask me to explain you do not me require that I do today perhaps you can talk, say what it feels like to love life is a momentary step that takes place in an open eye between the dream and passion dream to not having been born the passion of do you love life, that we live which makes us require extension is what allows us to know not only where there is pain that motivates us to want to be intimate and require other love you do not insist, that you know like me Yes, don’t laugh, I know that you have learned I do not know if with me or with someone it doesn’t matter what subjugates, real thing is loved woman of my life which you taught me to love did you with tenderness, peace with background of a song with one that spoke of dreams by building beautiful things of a man and a woman that, thing, something that would be worth the penalty live and I loved so tenderly I consentiste fly in a gust of wind that slid into the moment and took to my mind to another wonderful corner travel that it allowed me to reach and see the sky, Moon couldn’t enter the House of God and after the mystical experience in which I met a naked soul was when I learned the truth that we came to life with a function with a very special, the love then believing having reached the end surprised, did let you inundated in deep marine waters and flew mostly canon unveil unexpected things and between them the pure reason Callate! Do not make me chirping know what I know and much more! Know, when Kiss me when you caressing my being when I drink from thy mouth juices of your palate so you understand as miras know it and because you know that I can not explain it you Samuel Levy Akinin original Autor and source of the article.

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