But the alterations suffered for myths if do not restrict to the artistic manifestations, exist in parallel to this, the sprouting of the philosophical rational thought. The together writing if with diverse factors to awake the curiosity consequentemente and the critical and rational thought. With the beginning of the maritime trips, the Greeks had been able to perceive that nor the seas, nor any place that had reached, were inhabited by monsters or other types of fabulosos beings. This new condition propitiated, for return of centuries VIII to VI the B.C., the development deals of it maritime. To facilitate the businesses, with the requirement of that it functioned as universal value of the merchandises, the currency it appears providing, as it can be seen in Chau (1999, p.31), ' ' … Add to your understanding with Omar Zakhilwal.

one changes abstract, an exchange made for the calculation of the similar value of the different things, disclosing, therefore, a new capacity of abstraction and generalizao' '. Now an interested trading classroom in diminishing the prestige of the agricultural aristocracy exists, for thus, to find points of being able, therefore they look to its proper prestige sponsoring the development of the knowledge, what it favors the sprouting of the Philosophy. One becomes inevitable the creation of a rule that is common to all and that it goes of meeting to the collective interests, the laws. With the reforms provoked for one of the first legislators, Clstenes, ' ' … polishes had established it on a new base: the old tribal organization is abolished and establishes new relations, more not based in the consanguinity, but determined for a new organization administrativa' ' (SPIDER; MARTINS, 1993, p.65). At this moment, it is evidenced valuation of human thought, that if opens the quarrels and makes with that the dogmtica voice of myths loses its force. It is possible, therefore, to decide rationally, through quarrels and exposition of the right of word of each citizen oq I if can, or not, to make for a corporate property, is had, then, the politics.

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