Although expectations improve the figures for the previous year (1,028 blocks, 18,000 students), are totally insufficient to Guillermo Marti, FETE-UGT general Secretary, this year we have opened a total of 50 centres. At this rate we would talk about the need to articulate a plan to five years to eradicate all the barracks. But the truth is that the pace of construction will drop due to many factors, as the crisis. It is easier for our students learn in prefabricated classrooms, at least ten years more. Marti noted that in the Consell are still living project tender in years prior to the recession.

Now the picture is much more black. Detour to centers privadosVarios factors define the survival of this type of infrastructure in our educational model. Among them, it highlights the fact that Valencia is one of the few Spanish regions with the concerted Bachelor. Marti believes that there is a clear political intention of offset towards the private part of the administration centres. We are talking about a problem that is already expanded in time, which we have been living and suffering from the last fifteen years. In turn, the FETE-UGT spokesman quantified the cost of the annual rent of this type of infrastructure in a figure included in the fork between 10,000 and 12,000 euros, so the Generalitat will invest about 8.5 million euros in the barracks during the next academic year. In turn, the Union representative reported that the construction of a school can last between 12 and 16 months.

They are not large engineering projects. Finally, Guillermo Marti highlighted that the permanence of the barracks already reaches to almost the entire map school Valencia, practically there is no neighborhood of our cities without problems of movement of students. gnificance of this. All public schools have infrastructures of this kind, given the exponential population increase registered during recent years.

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