Not too long ago from the limitless expanse of water in our vast country, lovilos an incredible amount of different fish and shellfish. It was so much that we did not think for a meal, something that is currently considered a rare delicacy. Try to learn about shellfish, particularly on rapane, what it represents in reality Demand for seafood this appeared not so long ago, about 12 – 15 years later, and now greatly exceeds the supply. Many housewives food service workers are faced with the fact that somewhere, from someone heard about the original taste and valuable nutritional properties of this shell, but make it tasty was not so easy. On sale (markets, shops, supermarkets) rapanu bring in a semi – primary processing, almost all of this have no idea and sculpt from a variety of food products. But the flesh rapana remains extremely tough, not edible and because most cooks do concluded that it as the sole, etc. To get rapanu such as we need, it must boil – secondary treatment. Believe it should cook for a particular method, I consistently found that meat cooked in this way brine, quality and tasty.

And out of it get a great meal. Boil 1kg rapana in 0.8 liters of water and 0,4 – 0,5 l 10% vinegar, add a pinch of salt until soft boil down from 15 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the place of cultivation). Do not worry about that one Rapala brewed quickly, others need to prepare for a long time. This happens because, where the clam was caught. If close to shore – it cooks quickly, if he got it away from shore, it has to prepare for a long time. Simmer until until it becomes very soft during cooking Taste it, unless it has reached desired, you soft remove from heat.

Remove from boiling water, cool and put in the freezer if the quantity rapana great, and once you have it do not use. In the freezer brine may lie 1 – 1,5 months without changing their flavor. Cooking of such rapana takes very little time. Very comfortable and practical.

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