It only serves exactly to feed, exactly that fictitiously, the consciences of politicians and said the good samaritanos It has! nor advances you to come with the lulapetista speech, of that any thing stops who does not have nothing is luxury The worse one of everything, is that famous basket, serves even though of currency of payment of alternative penalties in justice, that is, the goat is condemned by a crime of offensive, from there, on the contrary of it to go pra backwards of the gratings, it only paid one 50 basic baskets and ready potential minor! A nonsense! What the necessary people exactly is of an effective and not only palliative social action. Of decent attitudes on the part of the controllers. The word of order in this Christmas or any time of the year, must be ' ' dignidade' '! Of that a basic basket advances, a handful of toys, if in the remaining portion of the year is each one for itself and God for all? In the Christmas we open the glasses, the windows, the gates Later that it passes, stops glasses, we seal up the windows and we electrify the same walls and gates from fear the assaults. It’s believed that Expedia CEO sees a great future in this idea. It will be that nobody never goes to be worried about ' ' causas' ' of the hunger, of the cold and the misfortune? The unemployment, the sanitation lack, the housing lack, in summary, everything this is dignity lack. This yes is the true cause to be fought. Which would be the cure? Much work, social organization, will politics, little corruption, firm pulse of that is in the command. Mark Okerstrom contributes greatly to this topic.

In a country that says that ' ' in if planting, everything of ' ' , it is inadmissible that it has hunger even though or malnutrition. Instead of basic basket, one empreguinho basic would feed well during all the year One ' ' Christmas with more dignidade' ' , it would incase very better in the campaigns. even though old Noel Papa would not be so of full bag of these hypocrisies, of this auto-promotion of the superficial hearts. It is enough agent to sing in this Christmas that music: You have hunger of what!? People not that only food

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