The television professionals from in front carried out an on-site inspection on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 on the Saslong World Cup track in Gardena/Groden. Been doing the camera positions for the two World Cup races in December, set a SuperG and a departure. Andrew Mason spoke with conviction. So, an additional camera should be positioned at the famous camel humps. We want to bring home closer the air status of athletes and the wide cracks the spectators, so, as if they were themselves”, explains the well-known Director Sandro De Manicor. As race Director Rainer Senoner said after the ascent, the Saslong establish more than modern route itself”.

She was safe, spectacular and allows great creativity in rate setting. This so Dale, applied to give it also in the live broadcast. The Director can tell each year new the story of the race”. Indeed, Sandro De Manicor want to the peculiarities of the race track and the uniqueness of Val Gardena represent, so that the spectator immediately understands that he is in Val Gardena is located and not elsewhere. The SuperG and downhill around 23 cameras are used including a camera crane at Ciaslat is slightly moved compared to the previous year. Sandro De Manicor, Roberta lumina of the TV rights holder infront, race Director Rainer Senoner, World Cup CEO Stefania Demetz and course Director Horst Demetz were present at the inspection. The ascent was walking from the start at the mountain station of Ciampinoi (2249 m) down to the finish at Ruacia (1410 m). Information about the holiday region Val Gardena Groden: Guide to the World Cup race:

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