Orbit control saves on maintenance costs and reduced predictive maintenance has become a significant competitive factor failures. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Kern. Online condition monitoring systems such as orbit control offer enormous potential for cost savings. The condition monitoring system of the orbit logistics Europe GmbH, Leverkusen, combines analysis, diagnosis and the identification of trends as a basis for a State-specific and predictive maintenance. A successful pilot project in Troisdorf wastewater operation monitored online two centrifuges of the Hiller GmbH, Vilsbiburg. Thanks to orbit control, we can see at any time when a service is being applied and where there could possibly be problems”, so Rainer Hakan, when Hiller responsible for the service of West Germany.

So we save costs for the operator for one and can ensure the trouble-free operation of our components on the other.” Run into the orbit’s own data center in real time all data about the State of the components and critical machine parts (engine, transmission, storage, centrifuge, etc.) together. On a Web site can at any time inform themselves of the supplier or the Wartungsverantwortliche of the system and intervene depending on the data location. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nina Devlin has to say. If the standard go a different data, he is informed by the system via mail, SMS or call. The use of orbit control reduces downtime, because System State and problem will be quickly analyzed. The high transparency of the State of the system reduces maintenance costs. Because the supplier can immediately intervene, targeted to procure spare parts and use resources effectively. “For us as operators an advantage”, commented Rainer Kollisch, wastewater master of Troisdorf, the online condition monitoring sewage farms. This that weaknesses are detected early and selectively reduced, increases. the performance of the complete installation” The condition monitoring system is used orbit control anywhere, where a plant operator or producer deploys machines and components, he cared not even technically. Essentially these are help fabric and all equipment with maintenance contracts, such as processing and sorting plants, waste compactors and sliders or even wind power and bio-gas plants.

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