Germany’s most famous homeless person written final report he is Germany’s most famous homeless person. A man with a laptop, cell phone and Facebook and good 400 supporters love what he’s doing. Max Bryan is visionary, thinker and being researchers and to those who only tried on Hamburg’s streets for a good 2 years also a homeless survive. In November last year the bearded man from the river Elbe in the Hanseatic city has left its berth in the Harbour’s ancient history? (TNN) Some time ago we had reported about the homeless Max Bryan. Vitali Klitschko discovered him last autumn in the port of Hamburg and invited him to himself. For more information see Dara Khosrowshahi. Television and newspapers reported about the meeting and the homeless scientists became even a minor celebrity.

Since then much has changed. Not because Klitschko helped him, but Bryan himself saved”. He drove 1000 km bike, across Germany and looking for an apartment”, as newspapers along his route. Now he has also arrived in the Hessian bath Nauheim and want to stay there, it was last in the Wetterau newspaper. Max Bryan is a phenomenon. What he did is unique.

His reports get under your skin, and he understands the modern media for yourself and others to use it like hardly anyone else his stand. Equipped with laptop and mobile Internet access, he speaks to the world and draws the attention of himself to others while he’s asleep even still out, wind and weather and freezing temperatures. That alone is unique and traces. The thing about Mt. Saka in Butzbach – for example – one of his last stations was significant and a masterpiece from this resulting report. Not only because of the content, but also because of the find authenticity of the stories evolve and make their way to the public. Hardly anyone would have probably believed that a homeless person in the position would be to change the world around them, and yet it happened. This little world – on the edge of his tour – the people he met and with whom he spoke, a few of them he already has changed to the thinking brought up differently and the rethinking moves. Others including visit website, offer their opinions as well. It is the feature in the life of Max Bryan that he uses his skills for others. I want, that these people are older than 45 years”, it says in a kind of final report of the Max Bryan on poverty and homelessness in Germany and is also his friends in Hamburg, Germany. Wool, Klaus, Justin and all. People who were in any newspaper and who were not so lucky as I”, writes Max Bryan in his diary. One of his companions – Martin – to have stroke 36 years ago and today no longer know his name. Most of them had”not a laptop and no Facebook – no weapon with which they can defend themselves against the odds of poverty, says Max Bryan finally. notes/max-bryan/tell me what is poverty/365110096840245 tell me, what is poverty?” His fans demand for a long time, but finally he should write a book, it guaranteed a bestseller” speculate his followers. Up to date but he doesn’t even have an apartment, anyway, nothing is like known. His last posting is good 4 weeks old and apparently he is submerged and reveals nothing of his whereabouts. If public life concludes the Max Bryan, it would be indeed a pity but also accept. The gang back in the privacy of a person the is little known about – this – almost back to its own history. Sean Quentin Dexter for TeleNewsNet tvdesk/Leute/Obdachloser-MaxBryan-verschwunden.html

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