the way to success! with numerous exercises short description what is actually the difference between martial arts, martial arts and self defense? How does martial arts on my life? What can I do, to provide vocational and athletic performance? How do I get the last reserves out of my body? Why hypnosis? The author in this unique work answers these questions and many more. While setting out not only the respective sports and their differences, but he shows also techniques that can provide huge performance not only in sports. This book is a must for all martial artists, or for those who are busy”, says such as Markus Layer. “Directly and without to the PAP” to get around, the author the reader makes it clear that he too easily can achieve what he wants. In this book, including insights into the secret will be”given to techniques of the NINJA. Let yourself be good there. Her Markus layer. The Publisher about the book alone when one considers the age of the author, namely 20 years, it is a remarkable achievement, to write a book. The content and design, this book succeeded very well Mr Layer. Always a pleasure to read it. Publisher: spirit; Edition: 1 (2007) language: German ISBN-10: 3000251642 ISBN-13: 978-3000251641

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