Now you should think about your wardrobe. First of all, you need to choose clothes that will not embarrass you, and you can freely and easy to wear. It is worth paying attention to the more or less free blouse, sviterochki, blazers, blouses, and much different more. All of this will depend on the weather. After all, summer will not bring you pleasure very close blouses and shirts, so it is best to choose clothes freer style. All this, too, will emphasize only the good the quality of your figures. The most important thing to choose the right style and right to emphasize the qualities that you want, also should pay attention to wedding dresses from famous designers in 2011.

There should refer to specialist who will help choose the right wardrobe. Many designers and famous brands producing clothes for all tastes and all kinds of occasions that will allow you to always look stylish. After selecting bluzochek, we can proceed to the selection of pants and jeans, skirts different. When choosing a skirt should be guided primarily by the fact that she was comfortable. After a short skirt and very high heels you not run away and not enough All this can lead to bruises and fractures. So you should choose a skirt, which can be safely and stress-free move. Same goes for jeans in too tight jeans are not very comfortable to sit and hard to breathe, walk fast.

So you can see the bell-bottomed jeans, they too can look stylish and beautiful. And most importantly, what you should feel just confident, comfortable and able to quickly and easily walk – shoes. Your wardrobe should be shoes and high heels and not very high. Should also be mokasinchiki. After all, every day to walk in heels very hard for your body. Now make a very stylish and beautiful shoes, whether in high heels or not. After all, your feet need shoes with no heel and made of soft material, and most importantly that there were soft seams. During that your feet will say only thank you. In the wardrobe of shoes should be on every occasion of life, ranging and ending with the classic sport.

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