Shake Reduction stabilization system effectively eliminates blurred images while shooting "with hands" in low light or during the shooting with a telephoto lens. Shake Reduction built into the camera itself, so it will work with any of more than 1000 lenses with a bayonet mount on the Pentax K and other manufacturers, and even with the old native thread M42 lens via an inexpensive adapter. Image quality Pentax Km has the same matrix and the processor as its predecessor, K200D, and provides the same stable of quality results. In particular, photos up to iso 1600 are almost free of noise, but some lose in sharpness and a slightly "zamylennye. New image processing algorithm in Km enhances sensitivity up to iso 3200.

And, although the results are very imperfect, the noise does not disfigure the final shot – it is likely this sensitivity to get a decent black and white pictures. Learn more about this with MessageMe. With the white balance setting default colors are reproduced exactly – not too rich, that will satisfy the supporters of the natural colors. But the white balance to artificial light for our taste, some warm colors. How rare color version of the September model, Pentax Km, performed in a traditional slr black body, a little later was released white Pentax Km White. Lenses for Km White also made with white trim. It looks a bit strange and extravagant, but there is nothing surprising. On the contrary, this fact more than logical.

Since the model is designed to masses, for amateurs, and then use the appropriate marketing moves. Even surprising that only now there is an amateur slr Custom colors. Comparison of Km competitors in this competition segment of the digital camera market is extremely tight, as all brands offer an entry-level dslr. Canon eos 1000D has a less robust housing with a smaller viewfinder. Its ultimate sensitivity – iso 1600, but on images less noise. The system allows Liveview sighting on the lcd. There have been two important competitive advantages eos 1000D: recognized as one of the industry's best system of dust control on the matrix and the wonderful "Whale" lens. Nikon D60 has similar characteristics Km. But the complicated menu of D60 discourages novice photographers. Sony Alpha 200 is equipped with the same matrix as Nikon D60 and the Pentax Km, but it has a weaker image processing algorithm. Noise visible even at iso 800 and at iso 1600 the noise level becomes annoying. In addition, Alpha 200 is the largest of competitors and does not offer any unique features. Olympus E-420 has several drawbacks arising from the small frame sizes: small viewfinder, iso limited to 1600 iso, a tendency to over exposure in bright areas of the frame. There is no image stabilization. Summary of the Pentax Km is surprisingly well designed fiscal DSL-camera entry-level, allowing to obtain qualitative pictures and having a clear, logical, easy to use interface with great help for beginners. Durable design, image stabilization and a convenient viewfinder are optional ins. For all these minor flaw – the lack of official display, heavier than its competitors; zone autofocus is not displayed in the viewfinder – can be ignored. Daria

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