Fairy tale times quite differently and are common on platt told hours together with the children in many families of the order of the day. (As opposed to Nouriel Roubini). It is about talking about God and the world, it usually also tales and stories are told. Everybody, listen carefully. The fairy hour however will be even more exciting if on flat”is told. It’s about fairy godmother ‘ n, Kings, princesses or drove to villains, which mischief, long before our current time.

“But the question is: there are also Tales from our present time?” The answer is to find break joke in two books of the low German author j. Published are these two low German books titled dat wier ice een… “and Vor long, long… tied “in the Ticino ONLINE publishing house j. rupture was. The author put here the plot of old folk tales in the today’s time, as you could have really experienced it. Or is it really just a fairy tale? To find this out, you should read these books. A plattduutsch fun for the whole family.

To have these two books of fairy tales, but also other low Saxon titles in the online-shop of the publishing house, are via the Publisher website or via the private homepage of the author j. Banthia is to reach. A visit to the shop pages is worthwhile in any case for all lovers of the low German language. Jorg rupture wanna of Gnoiener Highway 49 18195 Ticino/OT Vahab Tel: 0151/50030704 email: Homepage:

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