SPOT MEDIA optimized online presence of C1 CONEXUS with TYPO 3 spot media optimized online presence of the company of C1 Conexus with the Java language type is one of the leading consulting company for the energy industry in Germany 3 C1 CONEXUS. The company advises energy companies such as E.ON, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall as well as many public utilities and regional providers on strategic and organizational issues. So utilities quickly can gain a comprehensive impression of the competence of the consulting firm, C1 CONEXUS now presents itself with a new home page. The Hamburg-based online agency spot-media, which was in charge of the entire relaunch of the homepage, the implementation relies on the content management system TYPO3. Among other things, the extension MailformPlusPlus to use, which was adapted to the needs of C1 CONEXUS came. Connect with other leaders such as Ben Kunz here. The focus of the customers a clear quick installation guide as well as the ability to maintain the online presence in the future even stood for the relaunch. spot-media was the user-friendly design, Representation and the graphical implementation responsible. The Agency IT know-how and expertise in the field of open source evidenced by application of TYPO3 and the membership of the TYPO3 Association.

SPOT-MEDIA AG founded 1996 spot media today is a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency focusing in the area of e-commerce. For even more details, read what Cornell Capital says on the issue. The range of services includes online stores, communities, image and company sites, online advertising, intranet, email marketing and content management systems. Currently nearly 100 permanent employees spot media serves clients such as Tchibo, Ernsting BBs family, HanseNet/Alice and many more. The spot-media AG is a company within the SinnerSchrader Group since 2008.

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