– For the production of steel we purchase the most modern technique. Last year, we completely replaced the welding equipment, now modernized machinery. In Italy bought Hydraulic guillotine shears, cut the elements that allow a length of 2 to 6 meters and thickness from 0.1 to 32 millimeters, also purchased Czech bandsaw machine, two German installation plasma cutting. The new welding center console production in Sweden has allowed us to significantly increase the production of welded structures. Now completed installation shot installation in Germany, which has significantly improved the quality of the product.

All of this equipment requires considerable expenses. And we are consciously going for them, since our main goal – to continuously improve the process. Production of the plant claimed not only capital but also in the regions, despite the fact that local producers of similar products are often offer it at lower prices. Often, this figure does not mean quality. 149th mechanical "takes" it is the quality and assortment. Today the company offers a gantry cranes and polukozlovye from 10 to 20 tons, spans up to 32 meters, bridge cranes, jib cranes, loaders for bulk supply from coastal storage facilities on board (up to 450 tons per hour), metalwork of any complexity, industrial buildings; storage tanks for cement forms for the manufacture of concrete products; asphalt plants, etc. For all products meet international standards, the administration of the plant seriously engaged vocational training, trying to create for the staff of such conditions when the work itself, the company represents for them a source of pride.

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