Every person before the next holiday think about where he was to spend the next month the long-awaited vacation. Someone loves beach holidays, someone like a long hike into the mountains with a rucksack on his back, and prefer simple and quiet vacation in some quiet and cozy European town. People's choice depends on many factors – time of year, type of character, purpose of travel and personal preferences. Active, active travelers likely to choose an extreme kind of rest and will certainly go on to conquer the ski slopes of Switzerland or Austria, tourists traveling with children, prefer warmer climates near the sea, and the inquisitive and curious – a country with rich history – France, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Czech Republic. Belgium is a country where a measured, quiet rest is combined with an active – a variety of educational tourism. Travel medieval streets, where small churches slightly smaller than that of urban residents, acquaintance with the monuments of architecture and elegant stay in modern hotels – all this awaits you in this beautiful country with a rich historical heritage. It can sometimes seem that the time in Belgium was frozen in place. Catholicism – the dominant religion of this country, so the architectural monuments of the capital – Brussels – it's churches and cathedrals, as well as majestic royal palaces like rassazhennye on neat streets of the Belgian.

Holidays in Belgium – is an excellent architectural monuments of past centuries, the monuments of modern art (Swimming Pool 'Okeadium', a giant model of a molecule of iron Atomium), Catholic churches and cathedrals, and cozy restaurants where you can drink the famous Belgian beers. Anyone who has ever traveled to this unforgettable country necessarily had to visit the town of Waterloo, the famous battle between the monarchs of Europe and Napoleon in 1815. Among the attractions of this town include the headquarters of Napoleon, Panorama, Museum Wax, etc. In Waterloo, any tourist can get acquainted with the ancient town of Binche, a famous conducted it annual carnivals and a small resort town of Spa, which gave the name of our beloved cosmetic procedures. Belgian admiring the sights, do not forget about proper rest in a hotel room on a comfortable couch.

Hotels in Belgium – is a great opportunity to feel the Belgian billionaires for the optimal balance of price and quality luxury apartments and spacious villas. Comfortable, spacious rooms, excellent service, absence of any schedules and rules – that's what the hotel Belgium, which is always nice to relax after a tiring and long journey in good company or in solitude. Travel richness of Belgium – a small town with a royal castle, a rich medieval heritage, Catholic Church and the churches and lovely, cozy restaurants, which peacefully coexist with the architecture of past centuries. Traveling in this country – a luxury for those who prefer sightseeing tours, comfortable, quiet relaxation and pleasant company at the pub for a glass of intoxicating drink and sincere conversation.

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