The flow of tourists from Russia to Israel is growing by leaps and bounds each week. Russian tourists to Israel are delighted at their disposal attractions, sightseeing tours and hotels of the Holy Land. In Israel’s hotels Russian-speaking staff are always available in abundance. Qualified tour guides who speak Russian, Israel is also missing. In this tour itineraries in Israel is a great set, and each tourist will find here is the version of rest, which should please. Recently, more and more popular among tourists from Russia, in Israel, acquired extreme tours. It should be noted that in Israel there are all conditions for employment virtually all outdoor activities – snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, sailing, paragliding, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, repelling, tracking, and in the winter – skiing. Since the climate and natural conditions in the country, located in the Mediterranean Sea and has also access to the Red Sea, favored by leisure, and the landscape surprises with the wealth of diversity, all of Israel more attractive not only to the pilgrims coming to worship the holy places, and not just fans of sunbathing on the beach or to restore health to the Dead Sea, but also those who want to test themselves in competition with the elements.

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