Restoration of Bulgarian democracy has become invaluable in a significant event not only for the life of the whole country, but for individual tourism sector. For investors and buyers, even without much of the profit came other times, opened up new prospects. Bulgarian poberezhehorosho everyone knows trustworthy citizen of the Soviet space, the Bulgarian coast – a celebration of life for each of our rights, now he intends to become one and the foreign, but rather, quite foreign investors. Now, a piece of the Black Sea coast, owned by Bulgaria, is compelling emotions similar to those that arise from spoken aloud magic “Costa Brava”, in fact there is such a thrill to the magic words and more persistent the English and Irish. Many had been in this country one day as tourists puteshestvinnikov back here already for In order to stay here as much as they wish. Given the still low prices, adding the entry of Bulgaria into the EU, putting the availability of any part of Europe and a pleasant climate, it is difficult to overestimate attractive prospects of investing in real estate in the region. Along with the revival of summer and winter tourism is developing its component.

Features of Bulgarian ski resorts to the last time used inexcusably small. However, the list of regions recognized by lovers of winter sports, have long and justly are Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets. Snow-covered Bulgarian mountains slopes gradually transformed from a secluded area with the national colors in a global business center, in spite of this, Bulgaria has not lost its identity. But by and large it was popular ski resorts located in Bulgaria began to increase only in recent times. Bansko is a trading center since the historic revival of the country uzhev18-19 th century it began to take shape as the center of resort life. Today there you can easily find the neighborhood of luxury hotels with historic buildings and monuments. Here you can find entertainment for all tastes – bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Two other representatives of Industry Ski tourism is both the youngest and the oldest winter resort. The fact that Borovets remembers the tsarist times, Pamporovo – on the contrary, one of the most neobkatannyh territories. He was actually built and equipped specifically to meet the needs of sports tourism. In this area, which is three-quarters of the year illuminated by sunlight, the very nature provided the best conditions for skiing. Except mountain slopes here, you can also enjoy playing golf on beautiful golf courses. All sports facilities presented here are built in accordance with the latest and highest standards of European practice. Seeking provide guests with an adequate and high levels of comfort, in hotels and hotel complexes, in addition to harmonizing the natural environment will always offer spa facilities, fitness centers, shops and restaurants on every taste. Returning to the conversation about real estate, it should be noted that these areas remain attractive not only for tourists but also for investors. Entrap them, perhaps, in the first place is ready quality, in combination with tolerable, and even moderate pricing.

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