It cannot be denied that when the crisis occurs, generates concerns, often anguish, stress, simply leads to disharmony, means to stop us to reflect actions that do not affect us, as we must confront it, evaluate it in such a way that we take steps that allow us to determine where are their weaknesses, strengths, but also its opportunities. Since then, the crisis is manifested in different roles, economic, personal, each demanding the attention necessary to successfully undertake. Fortunately, be attentive, prepared to do so, with an accented domain in the autoconocimiuento that we already have of us, have us concerned to determine where are our weaknesses, strengths, as well as we face situations, we can tackle the crisis that is manifesting itself. We have the motivation that helps us ensure favourable energy stimuli to give way to the actions, plans, strategies so as not to affect us destructively crisis. Every crisis gives an opportunity that we must know identify, evaluate it and seek actions that allow us to optimize results, obtaining growth in this step.

Identify opportunities that have to know them, propose to act on behalf of our growth as a result, surprise us, as we act to the crisis, which provides us with this, to be strong, safe, ensure us behavior, conduct in our security and growth-friendly. In a letter about it, Ana laura Sposito points out us, that a crisis is a great opportunity. An opportunity to solve doubts, overcome fears and reestablecernos, confirming that we are the leader of our life. Crises involve change, and that can be very positive, if we choose to move with the change, change us for profit. What we probably stop to change is that we do not think it very possible. We believe not very capable of producing a difference, not we are confident in our abilities to generate good business, we do not believe that we have a very important for that differential someone else is interested in us.We maintain a paradigm that limits us to change, and obtain a benefit from the present situation, rather than adopt beliefs and ideas that support us to create something that works for us.

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