Asnovas changes in the accumulation standard also makes it difficult the dialogue entreostrabalhadores, since these do not exist in the market of homogeneous form, but sedividem between workers of center and peripherals. Without hesitation CEO Angel Martinez explained all about the problem. Therefore its interessesdivergem because of this heterogeneidade, such situation favor the capitalist, since this makes it difficult the reaction of the worker to the exploration that it is submitted. On the other hand it weakens the syndical power. Added to this to see an increase neocorportivista daintenficao that it looks to preserve only the interests steady dostrabalhadores or of center. This difference of worker levels, makes it difficult as already it was said, the actions strikers and the consolidation of umaconscincia of classroom of the workers. The capital extends its ecoibidora isoladora action of the movements of left and anticapitalists, through mtodosideolgicos and manipulatrios. The new standard of accumulation has as characteristic maismarcante the globalization of superexploration of the work force. This perceivable bastante in the accented reduction of the performance of the unions: mobilization and action strikers, fight for better wages, better condiesde work and of life and for the increment of the ranks of work for new absorodos members of PEA (Populao Economicamente Ativa).

Beyond dereivindicaes to the reduction the hours of working. destruction and aneutralizao of the union have been one of the necessary conditions for osdiversos processes of work that come being implemented. An example of this is the CUT (Centralnica of the Workers), that neutralization unionism migrou of combat unionism parao, aolongo of its history. Three phases in the trajectory can be delineated cutista dosindicalismo: The one that goes of 1973 to the 1983 where if characterizes for militant syndical umaao; the 1988 to the 1991, that it is the phase of transistion and maisrecente characterized by a negotiating unionism. Such transformation to give-seem result of the consolidation of the new standard of accumulation, from there the search pacific deconvivncia with the capitalism, to remodel it structurally and to extract, through negotiations, benefits for the workers.

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