As often, the choice of Web site development for the studio? The potential customer is considering the look of the site and chooses the studio, the sites which he liked more. Similarly, is often assessed and quality of the existing site – when approaching the site is considered his appearance and exhibited a corresponding estimate. It turns out that when ordering and evaluation of sites primarily focus on design, and whether it is important for the site? Hardly, if the main purpose of the site – to attract more visitors. Most visitors come to the site from search engines or systems of contextual advertising. A certain number of visitors also comes from links on other sites. All of these visitors will not see your site until you go over to him, so that the design has absolutely no influence on their decision.

Important position in the delivery of search engines and proposed text as the description. To increase the number of visitors should be dealt with search engine optimization, and design will not be able to attract additional users. Designers often argue that ugly site will immediately leave the visitor, but are they right in this? One must understand the purpose for which man has come to the site? Rather, he needed some information. Maybe he wants to purchase goods or services, and seeking more detailed description of them or best offer. So will a man leave the site, finding the information you need, just because the site looks ugly? On the other hand, did make the fairest picture visitor to become a client, if the proposed conditions for the acquisition of goods and services for it are unacceptable? The reality is that the required information and profitable – that is, for what comes to the site visitor, and no consideration for pretty pictures and animated movies.

Of course, some come to watch the pictures, but these are the visitors do not need a commercial website. Perhaps the quality of the design affects the amount of repeat visitors? Of course, visitors who are considering an illustration will be more targeted visitors but are unlikely to increase. If the proposal is the company profitable, the customer will go to her site, even if he does not like design. If the proposal does not like the site again no one will come, whatever it was beautiful. Of course, some impact is, and usability. If the site is awkward to use, the number of repeat visits will decrease, even if there is a unique design. The vast majority of users choose convenience, rather than beauty. It is often the best websites are simple and restrained. Work on the site, of course, includes the design, and better, if it is high quality and unique. However, more attention should be paid to search engine optimization and usability. Also, keep in mind that any site – a first content, not appearance. High-quality, unique and constantly updated content is more important for any site than exclusive design.

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