Digital product – a product, the product of labor, which has a digital form and put up for sale. For digital products include – e-books, scripts, software, text information (PIN codes, codes for online games), graphic, training courses, Manuals, video tutorials and other files, also referred to as' goods online. " If your digital product is unique and interesting, it will find its buyer. Creating and selling of digital goods – lucrative form of income online. In order to successfully sell digital goods is desirable to have a website.

To automate the sales process must register with Webmoney, get a personal certificate (you can not receive but your credibility will fall), sign up for service, a description and place the item (file, text file, document, and other extensions for download). Next, place the HTML code that will be available on the service, to its website and advertise their products online (forums, message boards, blogs and etc…) A potential buyer who wants to purchase your digital product, go to the link for the requested service and make payment. Then the money immediately arrive at your expense, and the customer has access to download the product. That is, the process is automatic. Placing products on sites with good attendance, sales will continue to increase and Your respectively arrive. How to set the price of digital goods? Any student knows artless pricing formula: the ultimate cost of the goods is the sum of the costs of its production, distribution, and pledged profit margins. The relative cost of production of goods – when the developer after the release of the product he receives a predetermined fixed percentage of its sales. In this case, the developer shares the risks with distributor, but if successful product, you can earn much more than with the release of the developer material and receive a fixed amount for the production of digital goods, he no longer takes part in his future fate.

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