What is the towel, perhaps, know of any – curved and attached to a wall pipe. For electric heated towel rail, but only electric, carry, including water and electricity. Electric towel warmers tucked into water, oil or antifreeze, into the same built-in electric heating element. Is powered by 220V. Temperature, you can specify by scrolling through the thermostatic head, or with using a thermostat, which represents the device itself off and on heating if the temperature of its environment reaches the required limit.

And for this purpose can be used timer. Thermostatic heads, often include the obligatory affiliation towel. Thermostats same – optional, sold separately. A timer will buy the opportunity to ask daily, week program of heating. What are its advantages? It disables the heating at a time when no one is home during the night than to save electricity. But the most interesting – the fact that before the arrival of your device will be switched on and the room heated. It is worth noting that in the bathroom the most secure solution for connecting to a network of electrical wiring devices, is considered in the wall connecting the socket (hidden).

Usually this service you will have to If you purchase a timer. Nowadays the market offers a huge selection of electric towel rails. High-demand models of companies such as, for example, margaroli – thanks largely to the abundance of their size, forms. Contemporary towel – is not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing because it perfectly fits into the interior. Electro-water towel arranged simple: in the towel (water) is built electric heating element. This makes the towel independent of Hot Water. You only need to worry about the supply of towel Tan. To him must be suitable for connecting parts simultaneous connections to the system of plumbing and electrical. If the excess consumption of electricity is not included in your plans, despite the fact that this is a ridiculous figure, then why not buy a towel warmer water?

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