Main article: Armenian ethnic Armenian region in Anatolia and the Caucasus in 1896.
Armenian merchants of small communities have existed outside of Armenia for centuries. A community has lived for more than a millennium in the Holy Land, and one of the four quarters of the old walled city of Jerusalem, has been called the Armenian Quarter. There are also remnants of formerly populous communities India, Myanmar and South-Eastern Asia. However, most Armenians have scattered throughout the world as a direct consequence of the genocide of 1915, which determines the diaspora armenia.
A potter in an Armenian neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Map of Armenia Diaspora.
Within the community of the diaspora is not an official classification of the different types of Armenians. For example, the Armenians from Iran called Parskahay (””””’), while Armenians from Lebanon are usually referred to as Lipananahay (”””””’). The Armenians of the diaspora are the main speakers of the western dialect of the language armenia. This dialect has considerable differences with Eastern Armenian, but speakers of either of the two variants can usually understand each other.
Since the arrival of Martin the Armenian to the Jamestown colony in 1618, Armenians were dispersed throughout the United States: Watertown, Massachusetts Fresno, California, Detroit, Michigan Glendale, California and Los Angeles, California are centers of Armenian population in the United States, there are also significant concentrations in the city of New York.
Glendale, California, in particular, is famous for its high concentration of Armenians There are about 78,000 Armenians, according to the U.S. census. UU. 2000. Armenian residents are active members in local government and Chamber of Commerce. In Hollywood, California, a small portion is known as “Little Armenia”, extending from east to west of Wilton Avenue and Vermont Avenue to the north and south of Hollywood Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard. In Canada, you can find a large number of Armenians in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.
Armenians are also present in several Latin American countries with the highest concentration in Argentina and significant communities in Uruguay, Chile and Brazil .

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Between Netanyahu’s Washington visit, human rights groups say that the new mayor the city has an increase on the initiatives that can frustrate Palestinian state.
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Pope Benedict XVI, center, prays for the anointing of the Stone Church of the Holy Sepulcher, traditionally considered to be the place of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, the Old City, Friday, May 15, 2009. The pope is on the last day of a Holy Land pilgrimage intended to promote peace and unity in the Middle East.
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Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass outside the old city of Jerusalem on Tuesday after two days in Israel brought the navigation bridge currents of the region’s conflicts and appealing for reconciliation.

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