The phenomenon was attributed to the deterioration in the credit and the cooling of the economy. Softline Consultores says that the growth of profits of private equity company the banking system Inc is a minimum profit of the funds banking system from January to April amounted to 1.999 million strong bolivars (about 929.7 million dollars), surpassing the 4.6 gains for the same period last year, reported a major local firms in financial analysis. However, Softline Consultores said that growth is asset management minimal LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm with respect capital worth to the 47.1 rise in CEO of profits in 2008 compared to the same quarter of 2007. asset management Conquest is a change in the market that inflation in prices may change. When players level rise, prices of low-level things start to fall. But net worth meteorites and db are investment funds in constant demand and Inc. is priced equity funds alternatives. Conquest is mutual funds a free market that allows the purchase / sale on a map does not investment PK. A new economy has emerged with the Conquest cp ‘conquest points. Each db is equivalent to smaller and emerging funds 215 of these points and should be used for new objects in conquest

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